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When did you begin attending Clarkston Community Church?

  Contributor Ice-Breaker Response
  “My son Joshua began attending in July 2005. I began attending CCC in February of 2007. I have many other family members at CCC. I have enjoyed the spiritual renewal and healing that has taken place in my life through the ministry and support of fellow Christians here. It is wonderful to be part of a healthy and Christ-centered church.”
  “I started to attend in August 2004 and felt a peace that I had not had for sometime. This has been a great church first for Spiritual renewal and than much growth. I feel blessed to work with the nursery and childrens choir.”
  “George and I began attending CCC in 2003 after we moved into the new sub across the street. How cool is that to find a great church within walking distance! Pastor Greg's sermons seem to personally talk to me and provide the self inflection as well as inspiration to become a stronger disciple for Christ. We have found Clarkston Community Church to be a REAL church for REAL people and we love it!”
  “I started to attend in Nov. 06. But became a Christian in 1984 zt this Church.”
  “I came to see a musical at CCC in 1996 called "One Voice" and I loved it so much that the next year I had one of the lead parts in this same musical. I was in the 1997 version of "one Voice".This is the same musical that brought Paul Marr to our church. I don't know how many other people started coming to church because of this musical drama but it sure makes me realize how important a drama and music ministry can be to get people in the door of a church.

Penny Savage”
  “We had been very active in our past church for the last 10 years. We had felt God calling us to move on. Change can be very difficult but God directed us to CCC in Feb. of 2007. We thank God everyday for bringing us to CCC. It is so awesome to see His plan unfolding in what He has in store for us here.”
  “My wife Claudia and I started attending Clarkston Community Church in 2004.We went on line to gather information. One of the questions we asked was about the music. Claudia loves contempory music. Pastor told us the music was a mix of contempory and some older hyms. Even though we love the praise team Pastor Henneman is the real reason for our attending. His pastoral staff is second to none. And the answer to your question is we have been attending ever since .

Tom and Claudia McClerren”
  Lindsay Allen “Starting coming to church in 2005. I knew after my first visit that I wanted to come back, and have been at CCC ever since. Love the band, Pastor Greg, and all the friendly people!”
  Gerald Biolchini “Elizabeth (my wife) and I started in earnest about a year ago. Elizabeth's sister was looking for a church so they started going to CCC after our Lutheran services (Elizabeth and Emily grew up in a church family similar to CCC). I tuaght confirmation so didn't attend. As time went on we eventually just moved completely to CCC. Funny story, we had been told some where in the area that was a LDS temple in the area "behind our house", which put CCC in close proximity according to the rumor and also coincided with a large number of missionaries we would get. For the longest time me and my wife would argue over whether or not CCC was this LDS Temple.”
Cathy Black “I first visited CCC in Oct. 2007. Immediately it felt like home.”
  Paul Black “January 4th, 2009!”
Brent & Phyllis Cooley “Brent & I started attending in 1986, a year after we moved to Clarkston. Our girls, Janae & Courtney had been attending youth group, making friends within the neighborhood. I started Wednesday nite Bible study during their youth activities, interested in knowing their friends & parents. Eddie Ross was pastor & lived in the house where Pastor Greg & Sandy live now; Courtney was friends with his daughter, Nicole. The rest is history!”
Tom Craig “Sue and I first attended in November 2005 and liked the good vibe and especially Pastor Greg's preaching.”
  Brittany DiMaria “WOW! I started coming to CCC in March of 2008. That was during my parent's divorce, (when I was 13) and my best friend Kara Lawson told me about her church and how I should really come with her one time, so I told my dad, whom I was staying with at the time, and he said, "Why not?!" So we did and have been coming back ever since. We love it, and the atmosphere's just so uplifting, open, and it just makes every Sunday morning so much more special. I LOVE CCC! -BND :-) <3”
Shelah Grawey “Josh and I have been attending CCC since February of 2007 after viewing the website online. Since then, we have gotten involved with a small group and have also worked with the youth. We are expecting our first child January 30, 2009, and are very excited that he will grow up in a church full of purpose and passion.”
  Pat Green “Conrad, Jaime, Lindsay and I began attending in the spring of

1997. Lindsay had been friends with Carrie Henneman for awhile and through this friendship Carrie joined the softball team Conrad coached. We became acquainted with the Henneman family and learned that Greg was the Pastor at Clarkston Community Church of God. Carrie invited us to come to a service. The very first service we attended was an Easter Celebration filled with extraordinary music & drama. We immediately knew we had found our new church home.”
  Matt Griffiths “My wife Teresa came here while I was upnorth deer hunting in 1999, I was not really interested in church at the time. I only came to make her stop nagging me. I figured maybe I might meet someone to help me advance my life, the funny thing is that I did. It just wasn't who I expected.

I never became involved in anything until my son was born in January of 2003. Then I started going to the men's bible study and met Mark Parillo, who really changed my life. I got baptized in 2008. I can't wait to see what God does with me in the rest of my life.”
  John and Susan Hagen “I started in November 1999 as a single woman. I found a great home in CCC and wanted to reach out to other singles, so a friend and I started a singles group. In 2001, I met my future husband in that singles group. John and I were married in April 2002 by both Pastor Greg and Pastor Michael of Baypointe Church (back then), were John attended at the time. We chose CCC as our family church. For good or bad, our children run around the Church like it was their second home. Susan and John Hagen”
  Greg Henneman “My first Sunday at CCC was Easter of 1994. I was 34 years old at the time! What a ride the last 14 years have been! It blows my mind to look back and see how God has guided and blessed our congregation. I count it an absolute privilege to pastor such an awesome church...and I'm excited about our next 14 years together!”
  Mindy Higgins “Duane and I visited CCC on our househunting trip to the Detroit area in 1999, while we were still living in Brazil. We felt at home right away. When we actually moved to the area, we visited a number of other churches (trying to be thorough in the decision making process!), but kept returning to CCC. It just felt like home. With a teenager, a 3rd grader, and an infant, the youth & children's ministry areas are going to feel like home for a LONG time! Duane loves playing the drums on the worship team, too.”
  Wesley & Nancy Huntley “Nancy and I began attenting the church in 1972. Then it was on University street in Pontiac. A good friend and neighbor, at the time, Gary Chambers suggested the church because as he said "Your children need to be in church, and needed to be there with their parents as a family". Our three child and myself were baptised by Pastor Dale, we have been privlleged to be in the presence of many great saints and a part of a great loving and caring church family that has grown over the years.”
Thomas Janke “Denise and I found CCC about a year after moving to the area in 1995 from Northville and before we had kids. Back then Pastor Greg would lead the music with his own guitar. Boy we've come a long way.

PL Marr, the Cowbell Player on today's W.T. is a childhood friend of mine. I taught him pretty much everything he knows about the instrument. - TommyJ”
  Abbey Johnson “I have been going here since late '05 and/or early 2006. I previously attended 2 different churches before coming here. One thing I found in my other two churches was that I wasn't growing as a Christian. Since attending CCC, Pastor Greg has taught me so many things, I'm growing as a Christian, and am making new friends. I feel great when I'm at the church, I feel so welcome and I feel like I belong here.”
  Sue Kilbourne “Our family started coming the summer of 2000 after our daughter Kristine went to State Youth Convention with a friend and loved the church. We came along and loved it too! How ironic the youth ministry brought us here and now I work for Pastor Kevin in the Youth Ministry(and Pastor Bonnie too in the Children's Ministry)! I have always been searching for what I wanted to be when I grow up - I have found the answer, FINALLY! Working at CCC! God is GOOD! Sue Kilbourne”
  Kenneth Kornas “My wife Holly found CCC about 13 years ago. I started attending shortly after. We consider ourselves so blessed to have such a great church family. God is doing awesome things through CCC.”
  Julie Lamphier “I was first introduced to CCC when I was a teenager through Shelly Herron. She lived on Snowapple so she attended some of the youth events. This would be nearly 30 years ago now...WOW, hard to believe. I began working as a secretary at the church in 1984 with Mary Watson...great lady! I began attending the church at that time. Being young and quite unsure about life, I wandered in different directions. When Mark and I decided to get married, CCC seemed like the place to get married...and Pastor Bonnie married us (how awesome is that). We have been attending the church for 15 of the 20 years we've been married. What an honor to be a part of all God has done and continues to due through CCC.”
paul and denni marr “The first Sunday I visited the church was putting on an Easter musical/drama. The music and drama were incredible. I brought my wife, Denni, and daughter, Alaina the next week and we've been attending ever since. That was April 1997.”
  Elizabeth Piper “Dave & I were looking for a church that would meet our whole family's needs. We were looking for a children's program for our 3 kids and a choir program for me. My then 6 year old daughter had recommended CCC because we had visited the "live nativity" in December of 1998 and it had made a lasting impression on her. We started coming in Feb 1999 and have loved it ever since.”
Brenton & Jenna Place “I first started attending this church as an infant. I was actually dedicated here. I grew up in the youth group and went off to school at Anderson. University. I recently came back home to Clarkston and was married in the church to my wife Jenna. We are now attending the church together.”
  Margaret Popilek “My husband, Mark and I just started attending about 6 weeks ago. We felt something was missing in the services at our other church. So after much thought, we decided to try something different. This was not an easy step for us. We tried another church in the area, and didn't feel comfortable at all. We decided to try CCC because our neighbors, Paul and Dennie Marr told us about it. The music and sermons are so inspirational. Most of the time I tear up at some point in the service. I am taking the Women's Bible Study. We have so much to learn. Everyone I have met so far is very friendly without being pushy. The best way I can describe CCC is welcoming. I am excited to be part of CCC! Margaret Popilek”
Jim and Jerry Stuenkel “Jim and I found CCC in 2004 thanks to our son and daughter-in-law, Jeff and Wendi. They were taking their sons to Sandy Henneman for day care and recommended that we try the church when we were looking for a place to attend. We love it here!!!!!”
Wendi Stuenkel “In the answer to our prayers, a daycare search firm through my employer found Sandy Henneman in 2002. We met she and Pastor Greg then. We were members at another church, but we had this tie to CCC. As our sons progressed to preschool (at the church) we met more and more friends. We began to volunteer, and then made the transition. We finally joined in 2006 and couldn't be happier!”
Debbie Swaisgood “My husband Mike and I moved to Grand Blanc in June of 1998. We were looking for a church in the area but could not find one that suited our spiritual needs. A very good friend of mine told me about CCC in October of 1998; we attended the very next Sunday and have loved it here ever since. Our children have attended the school at CCC (now OCS). Mike and I were baptized in April of 2004 when the new sanctuary opened. We have been apart of many ministries at CCC and will continue to serve. We have made so many wonderful friends here and look forward to meeting more!”
  Brian and Megan Teegardin “Brian and I started attending Clarkston Community church in May of 2005. We were not married then and were married here at the church. CCC was a church that I drove past on my lunch hour and we were trying to find a church together, we looked it up on line and we already knew Eric Waller when we started coming. Soon after we came to CCC we became members and got involved in the Choir, and a small group. Which split off into two small groups since we were to large of a group. Brian proposed to me in January of 2006 at the alter in the first service, and we were married at the church in September of 2006. We attended CCC until Brian took a job in Fort Wayne, Indiana when we moved in June of 2008. When we visit Detroit on the weekends to work on our house we still attend CCC and feel very much at home.”
Daniel Whiting “Pat and I started attending in May of 1998. Back then I was a lay person. We were looking for a church that had an active youth group for our son. 10 years later we are still here and I am one of the Associate Pastors.”